Four letters of “R.I.C.H” will summerize why we are deserved to be chosen as your partner in Vietnam: 


  • Transparency in price and itinerary.
  • Top security for clients’ privacy.
  • Quality of every service guaranteed. 


  • Professional and knowledgeable team who are willing to give the best advise. 
  • Professional and knowledgeable customer care specialists, tour operators and tour guides. 
  • Keep close on every single service from top management of SQT. 


  • Easy online booking steps.
  • Tailorred itinerary will be flexible on choose your departure dates
  • Extra services (flight ticket, car rental, etc) are offered together with tour services. 


  • Prompt and timely customer care service within 24 working hours.
  • To be licensed as international tour operator we had made deposited to government for ever, so your money is total secure. 
  • Total satisfaction or your money back, guaranteed.