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Collecting your personal information: through our website will help SQT to: 

  • Support and troubleshootong customers when purchasing our products. 
  • Provide related information and launch related promotion to our products and services of SQT's website. 

Using and sharing your personal information:

  • SQT has the right, when necessary, to use given information to contact you directly such as: sending welcome letters, orders, letters of thanks, and technical information about security. That is why you mayreceive a regular supply information of products, services, upcoming events or employment information if you subscribe to email notifications.
  • SQT may disclose or provide your personal information in the case which is really necessary as follows: [a] upon request of law enforcement agencies; [b] in cases where we believe it will help us to protect their legitimate rights under the law; [c] emergency and necessary to protect the personal safety of other members of SQ Travel.  

We are fully committed to: 

  • Not disclose your personal information to public.
  • Not disclose your personal information to the third party, if not related.